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Irini GergesMargherita TamplenizzaFederico MartelloStefano KomanGiulia Chincarini, Camilla Recordati, Mariacaterina Tamplenizza, Scott Guelcher, Maurizio Crestani & Alessandro Tocchio  “Conditioning the microenvironment for soft tissue regeneration in a cell free scaffold”. 

You can access the full-text of our paper here: https://rdcu.be/cncfX

I. Gerges, M. Tamplenizza, F. Martello, C. Recordati, C. Martelli, L. Ottobrini, M. Tamplenizza, S. A. Guelcher, A. Tocchio, C. Lenardi.  Exploring the potential of polyurethane-based soft foam as a cell-free scaffold for soft tissue regeneration. Acta Biomaterialia (2018)

E. Rossi*, I. Gerges*, A. Tocchio*, M. Tamplenizza, P. Aprile, C. Recordati, F. Martello, I. Martin, P. Milani, C. Lenardi. Biologically and mechanically driven design of an RGD-mimetic Macroporous Foam for Adipose Tissue Engineering Applications. Biomaterials (2016). (*Authors contributed equally)

C. Schulte; S. Rodighiero; M. A. Cappelluti; L. Puricelli; E. Maffioli; F. Borghi; A. Negri; E. Sogne; M. Galluzzi; C. Piazzoni; M. Tamplenizza; A. Podestà; G. Tedeschi; C. Lenardi; P. Milani. Conversion of nanoscale topographical information of cluster-assembled zirconia surfaces into mechanotransductive events promotes neuronal differentiation. J Nanobiotechnology (2016).


I. Gerges, F. Martello, M. Tamplenizza, A. TocchioPolimeri Poliuretanici Espansi per la Rigenerazione del Tessuto Connettivo, Italian Patent filing request n° MI2014A000754.

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I. Gerges*M. Tamplenizza*, E. Rossi*, A. TocchioF. Martello, C. Recordati, D. Kumar, N. R. Forsyth, Y. Liu and C. Lenardi. A Tailor-Made Synthetic Polymer for Cell Encapsulation: Design Rationale, Synthesis, Chemical–Physics and Biological Characterizations. Macromolecular Bioscience, 2016. (*Authors contributed equally)

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