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Site Manager (Open)

Milan, Italy

The Opportunity

Tensive is a biomedical company that is developing an innovative scaffold aiming to improve breast cancer patients’ quality of life, by offering a natural breast reconstruction.

We are looking for a Site Manager to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the company’s facilities, including equipment maintenance, warehouse management, security, and cleanliness. He will also be in charge of implementing safety protocols, and coordinating facility improvements.

We love to hire collaborative and self-motivated people with a passion for learning and a teamwork spirit.

Our team invests heavily in coaching new hires. 


The Site Manager:

a) Is responsible for the daily activities of managing the company infrastructure (including workspaces and related services), in compliance with the objectives assigned by Top Management;

b) Manages the company headquarters infrastructure, instrument maintenance activities, and the warehouse, including the I&L team members assigned to these activities;

c) Manages the timing and resources of the company activities assigned to him;

d) Guarantees, for the projects under its responsibility, compliance with times, costs, and quality;

e) Is responsible for the management activities of the instrumentation and equipment and related software within the assigned company site, including related maintenance;

f) Monitors the efficiency of the assigned company infrastructure and manages any problems in collaboration with the other members of the I&L team;

g) Supervises the management of the warehouse, the related inbound/outbound activities and the movement of goods and people within the company site;

h) Plans and proposes development policies for the company’s infrastructure and logistics system to the Top Management;

i) Coordinates the selection and relationships with suppliers of products and services in the context of infrastructure management, manages the negotiation of contracts to minimize costs and maximize quality;

j) Interacts with other company functions to achieve the objectives set by Top Management;

k) Collaborates with other company functions to ensure the correct use of the company infrastructure;

l) Collaborates with other company functions in drafting documents related to the management of the company infrastructure;

m) Collaborates with the Human Resources function for the development and implementation of specific training plans for the updating and development of the human resources of the I&L team;

n) Collaborates in writing and updating the Quality Management System documentation relating to their area of competence;

o) Collaborates in the management of non-conformities for their area of competence;

p) Collaborates in the management of preventive and corrective actions in their area of competence;

q) Collaborates in the management of process and product risks;

r) Collaborates in the management of exchange rates in their area of expertise


1. MSc in Scientific disciplines or equivalent qualification;

2. At least five years experience in managing and coordinating multidisciplinary groups;

3. At least three years experience in coordination within production or research and development infrastructures in the Life Sciences sector;

4. Precision, reliability, ability to work independently and in a group;

5. Excellent computer skills;

6. Good knowledge in the management, use and maintenance of chemical laboratory and production tools;

7. Excellent knowledge of the organisational, operational and technical aspects of companies;

8. Excellent knowledge of the English language, spoken and written.

Location: Milan, Italy

Please, send your resume and information to careers@tensivemed.com

We keep an eye out for people with strong skills in chemistry, biology and biomaterials as openings occur.  If you would like to be considered for openings in these areas, please email your resume and interests to info@tensivemed.com